Teachable vs Udemy: Which is One is Best for Building and Selling Online Courses

Udemy and teachable have stood out the test of time as the pioneers behind the booming online courses selling business. We’re going to explore teachable vs Udemy to enable you better familiarize yourself with each of them.

Selling tutorials, videos, and other educational materials online is a booming business that’s expected to be a billionaire industry by 2023. Tutoring and selling tutoring materials is a great way to monetize your skillset alongside helping thousands of people advance their knowledge and skills on certain subjects.

The problem comes when you’ve to build a website from scratch and market it extensively to reach your target audience. Good enough, the advancement of technology has brought us to a new era of doing things. We now have several trusted platforms where you can sell your online courses at a small fee.

Teachable vs Udemy Features and Benefits Comparison

Both Udemy and teachable have an extensive range of amazing features and are well-suited for both experienced and new course sellers. Udemy is, however, more beginner-friendly as it offers a simple design that allows for quick account creating and course upload. Udemy allows users to create text lectures, video tutorials, audio lectures, and closed captions.

Teachable is a bit sophisticated. It has a customized design that allows for the creation of websites using built-in tools to aid in page building and hosting.

Udemy Features that Stand Out

  • Quick and easy lectures and videos download
  • User-friendly mobile interface
  • Friendly tools for sending messages efficiently and flawlessly between students
  • A comprehensive marketplace where users can find and register in relevant courses
  • Instructor announcement sections
  • Innovative and user-friendly custom review section
  • Answer and questions tools
  • Class worksheets and exercises
  • Bookmarks to allow students to save courses for later enrollment

Teachable Features that Stand Out

  • An Option allowing users to use their preferred domains
  • Certificates for quiz completion
  • Affiliate programs for the streamlined course marketing
  • An attractive dashboard that mixes extensive revenue data and insights
  • The built-in payment processor that works with most credit cards and PayPal
  • Drag-and-drop page builder ideal for DIY website development
  • A user-friendly mobile interface
  • Good marketing solutions including coupons and promotions
  • Google form and survey-friendly student feedback foam
  • Email marketing and customer support integration

Teachable vs Udemy Marketing and Sales

When it comes to marketing and sales, teachable offers the best value for money. Udemy is more about attracting new clients to the sites and selling courses. Udemy does not offer you control over the emails you share. It doesn’t have any customizable sales pages to let you direct new buyers to your courses.

Teachable is customized to provide the most outgoing and promising marketing and sales technology. It allows starters to develop personalized promotions and coupons, enabling them to control prices efficiently. It gives you control over the amount you can take as a bonus or coupon from each newly enrolled client.

Also, teachable has an affiliate program that lets you appreciate users when they share your courses. With teachable, there are customizable sales pages optimized to give you higher conversions. Teachable integrates seamlessly with most email marketing platforms, including but not limited to AWeber, MailChimp, and Mixpanel.

Teachable vs Udemy: Quality of Customer Support

A good online platform for selling courses should’ve knowledgeable and talented customer care representatives, chat boards, and email support. When comparing Udemy and teachable based on the quality of customer support they have in place, Udemy stands out.

Teachable has an extensive range of highly knowledgeable and reliable customer care support team. You can reach out to their customer support via their email support.

Udemy has superior customer support characterized by a first-class teaching center, superior ticketing system, extensive knowledge base, and FAQs.  You can always reach the customer support representatives via the ticketing system or chat board.

Teachable vs Udemy: User-friendliness

The user-friendliness of Udemy cannot be compared. Udemy offers an intuitive user interface coupled with a complete manual for the quick creation of online courses. You’ve got a range of materials and information to help you create and upload courses for sale.

Udemy also provides a range of materials and documents to assist you out of possible hitches. You can seek help through the chat board, Udemy Studio Facebook group, or through video feedback.

Teachable is not hugely complicated and hard to navigate. However, it has some sophisticated features and customizations that require extensive technical skills.

Udemy doesn’t have extremely complex features, and so you’re limited to what you can do. That means you will have enough time to create simple, high-impact, and affordable courses. The intricate course completion task is left to the team at Udemy.

In the case of Teachable, you’ve to do most of the work, including customizing the features, functions, and themes you want your websites and courses to have.

Teachable vs Udemy: Integrations

Teachable provides users an impressive variety of integration options. It lets you customize integrations such that you can add Facebook pixels to your landing page. For more complex applications, you can import and configure students into the contact management system. In short, Teachable lets you connect virtually any connectable third-party app.

As with Udemy, it has integration limitations. You can only integrate things such as tracking codes for Google AdWords and Analytics to enable you to monitor and calculate conversion rates. So, if you’re looking for an online course selling site that offers you optimal flexibility and versatility, teachable is your ultimate choice.

Teachable vs Udemy: Which One Should you Choose

According to the Teachable vs Udemy comparison guide above, which one should you choose?

The perfect choice of an online course selling platform is entirely dependent on personal preferences and intended use.

Those who want a simple yet user-friendly platform that doesn’t sacrifice on value should choose Udemy. With its popular marketplace, intuitive design, and excellent customer support, even the least experienced tutor will have something to make merry.

Those looking to build their businesses without being limited to what they can do and control should opt for Teachable. It’s a more sophisticated choice that brings about the superiority of being able to control what you do in your course building and selling business.

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