Software to Create Online Training Courses

Online training course creation software, an invention by digital nomads, has simplified the way we access and consume useful information.  If you want to sell your skills or products online, choose the best software to create online training courses.

The rise of digital nomads has translated to higher demand for online training courses. Digital nomads are people who work and learn online while traveling from one place to the other. It’s no longer a must you be in a physical school or office to learn and work.

What to Know when Selecting Best Software to Create Online Training Courses

Trainers and professors have got multiple online course software solutions to consider. There are certain issues that count when it comes to online course software selection. Find out what products or services your customers are looking for.  You have the option to create your courses in the form of hand-outs, presentations, audios, or videos.

Traditionally, online courses are mostly delivered to clients through emails. However, sending out emails to clients is a bit outdated. It doesn’t offer the flexibility, refinement, and security multi-users want. Online course clients are looking for securer and more flexible course delivery solutions. The best way to deliver online courses seamlessly to users is through a personalized online portal.

Before choosing an online course creation software, plan on the kind of service or product you want to sell. The different online course creation software solutions offer different features and customization capabilities. You want to select a software solution that has the features and functions you need to create the most useful courses.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Software to Create Online Training Courses

We’ve dozens of different online course creation software for people to choose from, and for you to find and select a software solution best-suited for your unique needs, look out for these features.

Marketing features and tools

The course creation and selling business require extensive research and marketing. Marketing online courses are no easy job. It requires many hours of research and proper use of the right online marketing tools and channels.

Save yourself the hassle of paying for marketing services, separately, by choosing a course creation software that has integrated marketing features and tools. Some course creation software solutions have functions that allow a user to launch email marketing campaigns, set up sales funnels, and collect email addresses. These are essential features that can make the course marketing process easier and more successful.

Customization and advanced features

Most course creation software solutions come with integrated templates to enable you to organize your e-learning course and sales pages. Some platforms offer more advanced customization levels, giving you optimal control and power over your course creation.

Some platforms have advanced features such as email automation, live lessons, multiple teacher classrooms, robust analytics, and advanced sales funnels. Research more about the advanced and customization features a course creation software offers to choose what suits your needs.

Payment options and pricing

How much do you expect to make from selling the courses? Which type of payment method do you want to use? Ask yourself all these questions before you choose an online course creation platform. Consider the payment plans you want to add to your courses.

Look for platforms that offer you advanced and unique payment tools so you can customize your course pricing. Consider software solutions that make it possible for you to set up different payment options, including coupons, one-time fees, payment plans, and recurring subscriptions.

You don’t want to forget the pricing structures of the selected platforms. It won’t make sense to pay so much if you are just getting started. That wouldn’t be a profitable way to start a business.

Supported media and interactivity

What sort of course content are you planning to sell? How and where do you plan to sell the content? 

These are questions you must solve before you choose an online course creation software. Look for platforms that provide a high level of interactivity.

It would be best to work with a platform that lets you stream your course content so you can efficiently interact with your clients. Other platforms take interactivity to higher levels by integrating surveys and quizzes to the course content.

The platform you choose should as well allow you to incorporate content in multiple formats, including images, PDFs, eBooks, videos, and more.

The Best Software to Create Online Training Courses

Personal preferences and budget, notwithstanding, here are the best software solutions for creating practical online training courses.

Kajabi Online Training Course Creator

Kajabi is a high-end and user-intend online training course creator with features such as affiliate tracking, email marketing, web pages, and a checkout page. Its client interface is aesthetically appealing and super easy to navigate. This course creator is a bit costly but does deliver the value for money. It is not the best course creator for starters. That’s true since the high price makes it not so friendly to those who are starting out.

Kajabi has the same design and functionality as ClickFunnels. Click Funnels is a highly reputed and efficient online course creation software that has features such as split testing, website hosting, landing page software, and email autoresponder software.

Leadpages Online Training Course Creator

Leadpages is a highly referred online training course creator characterized by multiple templates for populating your course content. The software allows you to seamlessly split test multiple landing page styles and content to determine which ones have higher conversion rates so you can create quality high-conversion web pages.

This course creating software is perfect for both experienced and amateur course creators. The fact that it offers you the flexibility to change the layout, wording and color of your web pages guarantees more sign-ups and sales with minimal to no hassle. Leadpages is quite similar to Optimizepress in design and functionality. It gives you the same flexibility to create your web pages uniquely and creatively based on personal preferences.


Thinkific is among the most trusted and widely reputed platforms for online course creators. Thinkific is considered the best low-cost course creation software that allows users to create, efficiently market, and effortlessly sell their created content.

Thinkific is the ultimate shop for course creators that want to enjoy content hosting alongside quality course materials in the form of audio, PDF, or video. Thinkific allows you to deliver subscription-based, free, or even paid courses as well as enjoy instant access to your funds. 

Course creators have access to branded landing pages and custom domains to ensure they can market their content with ease. Thinkific is highly recommended for course creators that don’t want to spend money on membership sites, sales pages, and shopping carts.


The last type of platform for efficient online course creation is Podia. Podia is a standalone course creation software ideal for building content in different formats. Using podia comes with flexibility for anyone to create content in virtually any digital format. It offers you the adaptability to create an unlimited range of educational courses, digital downloads, membership sites, and hosting options.

Podia has highly customizable, high conversion, and aesthetically appealing templates. The landing pages of the templates provide details of the creator bio, course overview, content section, FAQs, and the information included in the site.

Good enough, podia allows you to create separate landing pages for digital downloads, membership options, and courses. As you know, the more landing pages you have, the higher the conversions. Podia makes publishing the already created content fun and easy. It lets you decide whether to publish the course content you create immediately or schedule it for another day. It has a pre-launch that enables you to create teaser content and lead promotion campaigns.

Using podia for your course creation also gives you access to practical built-in email marketing tools. With these email marketing tools, you can create drip campaigns, send newsletters to your subscribers, as well as expand your subscriber list. You can use the performance tracking tools to determine the performance of your email marketing campaigns, too.

Podia is not all about creating and selling online course content. You can also sell cheat sheets, assessments, eBooks, and audio files. It also lets you connect with your email community by creating membership sites or even chatting live with your students through the Live Chat function.


These are low-cost and highly reliable tools perfect for those looking to create online courses for sale. If you have a more robust and bestselling online course business, already, you may want to use several of these tools. The best way to enjoy superior automation and reliability when creating online courses with multiple tools is to use Zapier.

For those who may not know, Zapier is a highly efficient app that incorporates several tools and apps, ensuring automated function. Zapier links well with most of the apps we have outlined above alongside other apps such as Zoom and MailChimp.

Zapier will as well recommend some of the most relevant apps for you, depending on the kind of content you’re creating and selling. Consider using Zapier alongside your preferred software for creating online training courses to ease and enhance the performance of your online course selling business.

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