How Does Teachable Work?

How does teachable work? It’s a question widely asked by students and course creators.

Teachable is the closest business partner to those who sell stuff online. Teachable is a user-oriented and highly efficient platform with an easy-to-navigate menu and design. The website makes it easy for people to create and sell virtually everything online, including stocks, classes, tutorials, and written content.

The best thing about teachable is that it doesn’t take the rights to your content. They only license it for limited purposes, ensuring people can buy the content.  Instructors selling through this site get their pay after 30-days once the 30-day money-back guarantee is over.

How Does Teachable Work for Course Creators?

The way teachable works for course creators is different from how it works for students. Teachable for course creators require you to choose which membership tier level fits you. To do so, click on the Choose plan icon, and wait to be directed to a page where you can create an account.

When on that page, input the basic data requested, including password, full name, and email address. You can use the teachable templates to enter your business data. Click on the publish button to be directed to a ready-made online course. While on this page, you can quickly and easily create your courses using written content or videos.

You can sell the courses via a personalized sales page using one of the pre-made teachable templates. Teachable has a user-friendly system and dashboard that make it possible for course creators to learn the basics of uploading videos and content, developing payment integrations, and building sales pages.

Building an internet-based course is time-consuming and requires proper strategizing and due-diligence. Those who are a bit skilled will, however, find it fun and enjoyable to create and sell impressive courses through teachable.

How Does Teachable Work for Students

The teachable platform doesn’t include a built-in course marketplace. And so, students have to search via personal course marketing tools to find and buy different teachable courses. When a student has signed up for any course, they can select from a variety of upfront or ongoing billing and multiple payment students.

Teachable comes with a unique teachable app. That means students who have signed up for online courses can always carry their courses with them. The app is ideal for both iOS and Android devices.

How Does Teachable Work: Pricing and Subscription Plans

Students have to pay to enjoy the courses offered by teachable. There’s an unlimited range of teachable subscription plans and pricing options for course creators, as well.

Base Package Features

The first subscription plan is the base plan that offers teachable teachers features such as unlimited courses, hosting, and video, student management, basic quizzes, integrated payment processing, free package, and lecture comments. It’s quite a great challenge to find and apply for a cost-free membership tier. This type of package only allows teachers access to 10 students. It’s free to subscribe to this package.

Basic Package Features

The next package is the basic plan that sells at $39 a month and $468 per year or $29 a month which is billed yearly. This package offers you access to a quality custom domain and product support, unlimited student range, ability to share drip course content and coupon codes to students, and more.

Users who subscribe to this tier level will have to pay 5% on all transactions made. The best part about this plan is that it offers you instant payouts, TeachableU training courses, and two admin-level users. 

It as well allows for integrations with external sites such as Convert Kit, Google Analytics, Facebook, Segment, and MailChimp. The problem with this package is that it doesn’t allow you to un-brand teachable courses.

Professional Plan Features

The most popular and widely bought plan among most business owners is the professional plan. This plan comes for $119 monthly and $1428 per year or $99 monthly billed yearly at a total of $1188. When you buy this package, you’ll get access to all basic plan features and benefits, 5-admin-level users, advanced course reports, free transactions, upsells, and videos.

It also comes with course completion certifications that aim to give your students a reason to recommend your course. It as well aids to enhance your brand recognition through different networks and websites since the students can display it on their social media profiles.

This plan as well offers you course compliance structures, built-in affiliate marketing features, live chat, and premium product support.

Business Plan Features

The last plan offered by teachable to course creators is the business plan. This plan goes for $299 a month at $3588 a year or $249 monthly billed at $2988 yearly. The plan is very costly and not quite the choice for businesses struggling to make it in the sale of online courses. However, it comes with some of the best and unique features and packages you will not find in any of the other plans.

The business plan offers all the features offered in the professional and basic membership tiers alongside access to 20-admin users. The package also offers you the freedom to manually import student sign-ups, custom user roles, bulk student enrollments, and advanced theme customizations.

With this plan, you will also get access to round-the-clock online support alongside group coaching calls. It’s the ideal package for anyone who wants to configure and tailor their business towards optimal productivity and success.

How Does Teachable Work: Conclusion

Teachable is the ideal solution for beginner-level course creators looking for easy ways to connect with their customers and make sales seamlessly. The site works best for both students and course creators and offers a great range of features and subscription plans.

As we’ve seen above, you can select from a range of course subscription plans, depending on your professional level and the type of business you’ve. If you’re to make the most from using Teachable to create and sell online courses, you’ve to understand which pricing plans are fit for you.

You as well need to understand how teachable works and whether it will be right for you based on the size and kind of business you’ve in place.

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