Gumroad vs Sellfy: Which Platform Stands Out

If you’re looking for a seamless way to reach out to your target audience and sell your digital or physical products online, Gumroad and Sellfy are the two main sites to try first. With these platforms, you just need to upload the products to the marketplaces and wait for clients.

These eCommerce tools cater to both established and small businesses looking to sell more and earn higher profits. The sites pack a vast range of features optimized to enable you to reach your target clients with ease.

But considering each of the two eCommerce sites is unique in its way, which one should I choose?

Overview of Gumroad vs Sellfy

In this section, we will address the way each of the two platforms works, their strengths and weaknesses, and their performance.

Gumroad – All you Should Know

Similar to Shopify, Gumroad is a user-friendly and performance-oriented shopping cart platform that’s crafted to offer a marketplace for digital products. It’s a super terrific marketplace for those who want to sell products online without incurring unnecessarily high costs. The site charges a small fee from the sales you make and packs an extensive range of features suitable for both established businesses and startups.

Gumroad has been around since 2011. It’s currently one of the most sought-after platforms by bloggers, artists, and writers selling products online. The platform allows you to list your services and products to attract relevant sales.

The simple nature of Gumroad contributes to the limited feature variety. Gumroad lacks features such as 1-click upsells, in-depth analytics, and intuitive site interface.

It doesn’t pack the most amazing features you want in an advanced product selling and marketplace. The platform doesn’t integrate seamlessly with most marketing tools and analytic tools. By look, it looks quite outdated and hard to navigate.

Sellfy – All You Should Know

If you’re in dare need of a secure, friendly, and reliable eCommerce site to sell your digital and physical products with minimal to no hassle, then Sellfy is precisely what you need.

Sellfy is a vast marketplace that provides people an opportunity to sell their products via a newly created Sellfy-personalized store or their existing sites.

Sellfy is user-friendly and secure and packs an impressive range of features, which allows you to quickly and seamlessly list and sell your products. The checkout functionality alongside the product delivery features makes this eCommerce site quite an excellent deal for many.

Sellfy requires you to do all the product deliveries. So, if you are selling films, audio files, software, and digital assets, you’ve to deliver the products to your clients once deals are completed.

The site is a bit sophisticated when compared to Gumroad, but it’s still easier and more enjoyable to navigate through. That makes it a great online eCommerce site for both established businesses and startups.

Gumroad vs Sellfy: Features and functions Compared

In this section of our article, we’re going to list the core functions and features of the two sites.

  1. Features Found in Both Sites

Gumroad and Sellfy are designed differently by different developers, but they do share some features. These are the features found both on Sellfy and Gumroad.

  • Functions for selling digital and physical products online
  • Marketplaces capable of accommodating unlimited products
  • Integration to other websites and social media platforms
  • Custom checkout and product pages
  • Mobile responsive and intuitive user interfaces
  • Paid memberships and advanced paid features
  • Seamless integration to different marketing platforms
  • Mobile apps for different mobile devices
  • Affiliate systems
  • Sales reports and analytics tools

These are the features not found on both platforms

  • Gumroad doesn’t have a storefront builder. It acts as an integration to existing social media sites and websites. Sellfy comes with a storefront builder that lets you develop customized DIY fully-functional websites that can be hosted under the same domain as your website is hosted.
  • Gumroad doesn’t include upsells, which are a common feature in Sellfy.
  • Sellfy offers product trial options. Those selling memberships or software can allow potential clients to access the free trial versions of their products, groups, or forums. As for Gumroad, it only offers license keys for software buyers so that they can access and assess the software before buying.
  • Sellfy provides optimal access to multiple customization features and functions. It offers you a WYSIWYG editor, giving you the freedom to customize and design your store to your preferences. For you to customize anything within the Gumroad store, you’ve to be a guru in CSS.
  • Gumroad offers fewer integrations. With this eCommerce site, you cannot integrate it into third-party websites such as email marketing tools, analytic tools, and Facebook.

Supported Payment Options: Gumroad vs Sellfy

When it comes to payment options, Sellfy offers you limited choices. It only supports Stripe and PayPal as the main payment options. That doesn’t make it less a good choice, though. The good thing about the payment gateways offered by Sellfy is that they are highly trusted and reliable.

Payments made via any of these gateways are deposited instantly.  Also, Sellfy won’t charge you for the sales you make through their site, which makes it quite the real deal.

Gumroad supports payment from credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Gumroad also accepts payments via PayPal. Payments made through any of these gateways are as well deposited immediately to your account.

Gumroad Vs Sellfy: Conclusion

If you’ve been wondering which to choose between Gumroad and Sellfy, you should’ve by now know which of the two will work best based on your preferences and budget.

The two sites are great solutions if you want to streamline the way you sell products online and maximize your profits, as well. The websites come fully equipped with innovative and impressive features to make your selling experiences faster, smoother, and more profitable.

Also, both sites are designed to be more user-friendly and reliable.

Based on our review, we can assuredly say that Sellfy is a more superior choice when it comes to impressive features and better functionality.

However, if you’re looking for an affordable and beginner-friendly eCommerce site to sell your physical and digital products, Gumroad is the ultimate choice for you.

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  1. I actually am just hearing about gumroad for the first time and selfy is one platform i know very little about so i am really glad that you could do an explicit review on both of them. with all that you have considered i think the best should be gumroad.. thank you for reviewing this. it is helpful.

  2. It’s very good to know about these e-commerce website, it’s enable you to sell and buy from a very good and trustworthy platform. I like the two platforms that  you’ve explained here and it’s kind of hard to choose from the two. It’s very nice to read through this article, it’s very resourceful and helpful.

  3. I am hearing about these platforms for the first time and I see where they could be quite useful for those of us who are into selling products online. Based on the features described, I could be comfortable using either of them for my business. I don’t like upsells but other than that, I have a slight preference for the Sellfy mainly because of the customized features it offers. I am a paypal user so the payment options suits me fine. Thank you for this detailed descriptions and comparison.


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