Online Course Platform Review: LearnDash (2020)

There are many different platforms out there that I would like to cover in-depth, so you can find the right learning platform for your own eLearning course. In this article, I am going to talk about LearnDash.

What LearnDash is best for is turning a WordPress site used for teaching purposes or training into an eLearning platform system. LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that you can use with most WordPress themes.

LearnDash Features

Focus Mode

This feature eliminates distractions so your content is the sole focus. You can customize with your own logo and brand colors.

Course Builder

LearnDash has a drag-and-drop course builder which makes it easy to create multi-layer courses. This is the only course builder that allows you to re-use your content, which makes things very convenient and fast to get your course set up.

Advanced Quizzing

You are able to choose from eight different question types such as single answer, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, survey, essay questions, and free text. It also allows you to display custom messages based on quiz performance, use quiz timers and question banks.  You are also able to select what type of media you are using in both the answers and questions options.

Drip-Feed your Content

You can choose whether you provide all your lessons immediately, or you can use the drip-feed schedule to provide after enrollment or on a specific date. You can also turn on the notification addon to notify your students when new content is available to them. 


You can determine which of your courses need to be taken in a certain order. Give your students a guided path for learning or allow then to freely choose which courses they take. 


Have an online sense of community by allowing your students to communicate amongst each other by adding a forum for your courses, where you can limit participation to only students who are enrolled. 


A premium add-on that can take your class to another level with report cards, manual grade submission, weighted grades, and offline grading. This automatically syncs up with LearnDash quiz and assignment grades.

Course Points

You can award points to your students which will allow them to unlock new courses based on the points they have earned which is perfect for allowing them to choose what content they learn from your courses.

Certificates and Badges

Award your students with official certificates based on quiz performance or for completing a course. These can be customized to include whatever information you’d like. 

Selling your Online Course with LearnDash

LearnDash has all the selling features that most online platforms provide as well, such as one-time purchases, subscriptions, a shopping cart, memberships, course bundles, and with a premium addon called group registration, you can also have course licenses.

Platform Administration 

Create user profiles, send email notifications, manage your students with group management, quickly run reports with detailed reporting, assignment management, and the expire access feature where you can remove access to a program for students after a specified amount of time.

Tech Tools In LearnDash

LearnDash allows you to use programs such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, H5P, and more add-ons.  You can use any WordPress theme, media, it is mobile compatible, you can use LearnDash on a WordPress network that is multi-site, and of course there is customer support for the platform.

Pricing for LearnDash Platform

There are three packages offered that include multiple features with a 30-day money-back guarantee:

Pro Package: $329

Plus Package: $229

Basic Package: $199

Sometimes there are sales on the platform as well, so be sure to check on their site.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The customer support for using LearnDash is great, and many users have praised the platform’s customer service. Courses made with LearnDash have everything they need to teach their courses and it looks beautiful with your own brand. You are able to use many different plug-ins with LearnDash, which allows you to easily customize your program.

Cons: Many users have stated that they had a hard time learning how to use the LearnDash platform and feel it is over-designed. Managing all the plug-ins and WordPress can be challenging with all the required maintenance.

The Best WordPress Solution Available
  • Ease of Use
  • Interface
  • Affordability


LearnDash is a very popular online course builder plugin and LMS (learning management system), due to all of the numerous features, settings, and options. But because of the flexibility of this plugin, some users may just not have the time to explore all the features and settings this plugin provides. If you don’t mind spending time learning all the settings and getting through the learning curve for LearnDash, this is a great plugin that can meet your eLearning builder needs with truly flexible customization.

7 thoughts on “Online Course Platform Review: LearnDash (2020)”

  1. Very interesting to me. I have a few teachers in my family. I have a daughter who teaches via a charter school. I have a son who is a professor at a university. And, my wife is nearing the end of completion of a Doctorate of Education.

    With the above as context I have a few questions:
    1) What education level would LearnDash be for?
    2) Would teachers who are not teaching via a school or university be well served by LearnDash?
    3) Are there other similar platforms out there that don’t require as much technological work?

    Thanks in advance for responding to my questions!

  2. Hi Trevor

    Learn Dash certainly looks very functional and versatile and the ease of use issues you raise are probably something that they would be striving to improve upon as they receive user feedback. I see you gave it 4 stars for that so you’re probably a bit more tech savvy than me as I tend to struggle with things, at least at first.

    I’m not currently designing my own online learning courses but it is something I’m looking to do in the future so the information in this review is very helpful. Is it the only program of it’s kind that you’ve tried? If not, how does it compare to some of the others?

    And lastly, but very importantly, does it come with an affiliate program?

  3. LearnDash looks to be really nice although I haven’t used them in any way, After reading this awesome article, I can see how very good and important LearnDash could be. I think I would sign up and get started immediately. thanks for sharing this awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

  4. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I believe this honest post will help other readers who come across it as it has helped me at the moment. This platform indeed has a lot in stock for tutors which will aid their performance.

     I will share this post with a friend of mine who I think needs it. Thanks!

  5. I have thought of creating an online course lately and I never know that there is a platform that allows eLearning integration just like LeanDash. To be honest I have never heard of LeanDash before until now thanks to you.

    Your screenshot really helped me understand what this platform does and how to use it. Because I was going to ask many questions soon as I saw the topic. 

    The quiz settings are simply great as one can use that to get meaningful feedback from users which could help to improve the online course.

    I saw great features like drip-feeding your contents, prerequisites, forums, grade book, course points, certification, and selling your online course with LearnDash. 

    I will give this a try now. Thank you for letting this out.


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